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nose surgery

One of the most popular surgeries in our country is rhinoplasty, this surgery is also performed in the field of cosmetic and therapeutic

Secondary nose surgery

Secondary nose surgery is performed to deformities and problems related to previous nose surgery

Boney nose surgery

Bony noses have thin skin, which will get rhinoplasty easier

Fleshy nose surgery

People have fleshy noses and trend to perform rhinoplasty fleshy nose surgery is done for them, some people think


A group of people are genetically to drooping eyelids, or over time, fat accumulates under or above the eyelid. Today, it is possible with a cosmetic surgery

Otoplasty surgery

There are two main points in the appearance of the people ear which include its location and the size of the ear. The cosmetic surgery of the ear or otoplasty is performed in

Facial rejuvenation

Today, there are various methods to rejuvenate the face and solve facial skin problems, including: botox , gel injections, fat transfer on the face, which can reduce

Dr. Maryam Sharafi is a medical graduate of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and has a specialized ENT board certification from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Tehran.
The main field of her activity and research is rhinoplasty. She has completed advanced courses in rhinoplasty in the United States and Europe and is a well-known and knowledgeable surgeon in this category with abundant knowledge and experience.

Rhinoplasty work sample

Patients' questions and comments

Showing your favorite photo to your rhinoplasty surgeon will show you what you want to do with the shape of your nose.however, photos are only useful for starting a counseling session. Remember that with cosmetic surgery, certain changes are made to your “nose” and your nose is not replaced with another nose! During counseling session surgeon attention is to this factors

The best age for rhinoplasty is 16 years old because in this year nasal growth is complete. the other hand, rhinoplasty may also be performed in middle-aged patients as a method of facial rejuvenation (see the page on rhinoplasty in the elderly)

It depends on the type of your job,usually you need take off work for a week or two weeks.

One of the most reliable signs of predicting your body’s ability to repair itself after rhinoplasty is how your body reacts to piercing the earlobe to use earrings. In any case, if you have a history of any abnormal scar tissue that worries you, talk to your surgeon.

Don’t worry! Fortunately, postoperative pain is very rare among my patients. Regarding the feeling of discomfort after rhinoplasty, since I do not put tampons in the noses of patients after rhinoplasty, and the most important factor mentioned in relation to discomfort after rhinoplasty, intranasal tampons and especially pain when removing the tampon from It is the nose, my patients will not have this problem.

The skin of the nose is elastic. Afternose job , the skin is placed on a new and reduced structure of the nose and is shaped according to the new structure

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Otoplasty is the surgical reshaping of the outer ears to correct their deformities or make them look better. The main reason to